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University of Minnesota Press. Santa Fe: Sunstone Press. New York: Garland STPM Press. Kustritz, M. V. R. (2007). “Determining the Optimal age for Gonadectomy of Dogs and Cats”. Turner, Ramona (29 May 2007). “How does catnip do the job its magic on cats?”. This is a entertaining practical experience that you might or may perhaps not share with your buddies if the design does not brain. Johnson, Ingrid (17 May 2014). “Redirected Aggression in Cats: Recognition and Treatment Strategies”. Randall, W. Johnson, R. F. Randall, S. Cunningham, J. T. (1985). “Circadian rhythms in foodstuff ingestion and action in domestic cats”. Boshel, J. Wilborn, W. H Singh, B. B. Peter, S. Stur, M. (1982). “Filiform Papillae of Cat Tongue”. Mead, C.J. (1982). “Ringed birds killed by cats”. Poirier, F. E. Hussey, L. K. (1982). “Nonhuman Primate Learning: The Importance of Learning from an Evolutionary Perspective”. Guenther, E. Zrenner, E. (1993). “The spectral sensitivity of dim- and gentle-adapted cat retinal ganglion cells”. Muggenthaler, E. Wright, B. “Solving the Cat’s Purr Mystery Using Accelerometers”. Levine, E. Perry, P. Scarlett, J. Houpt, K. (2005). “Intercat Aggression in Households Following the Introduction of a New Cat” (PDF). Zaghini, G. Biagi, G. (2005). “Nutritional peculiarities and diet regime palatability in the cat”.

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